Frequently Asked Question

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Instaconsultant is a platform that connects investment firms, professional services firms, and Fortune 2000 companies with independent Experts for project-based engagements. Companies leverage Instaconsultant to accelerate business performance, learn, and innovate faster.

Please email so we will call you to solve your problem.

Sorry to hear that you haven’t been matched for a project yet! Please be patient, as there are many qualified Experts applying to each project and it may take a few applications before you are selected. We’ve tried to make the application process very easy for this reason (no bidding or proposal, just a simple cover note). That said, there are a few things you can do to improve your odds:

Ensure that your Instaconsultant profile is thorough. Include full work history, a profile picture an up to date resume, and relevant work samples.

Highlight relevant past experience (“I’ve done this exact project before for a similar company”) and interest in the specific project in your cover note. For most projects, the Expert with the most relevant experience is chosen.

Last but not least, please be mindful of the project prerequisites. Apply to those projects that are the best fit for your background. Pay close attention to the location and travel requirements.

And don’t worry, we will send you a reminder through email and admin notice banner of your WordPress dashboard.

Simply add a bank account to your Expert profile. To add a bank account, click on your name & icon in the top right corner, a drop-down menu will appear and you will see Add a Bank Account OR View Bank Account (if you needed to make changes).

Unless the Client disputes your invoice (or the Client is a large company paying via their own AP department), you will be paid automatically 10 business days after you submit your invoice.

The pricing referenced in the project posting is indicative. You should finalize key terms with the Client, including pay rate, payment scheduling, and project scope, as well as having the Client officially “select” you via the Instaconsultant platform before commencing any work. This will activate the project so you can start to track and manage your hours. The rate you agree to with the Client is gross (inclusive of Instaconsultant fees). Make sure the correct gross hourly rate has been entered before beginning work on the project, otherwise your invoices will be incorrect.

We ask that you please allow 5-7 business days for the reviews team to process your Instaconsultant application.

Instaconsultant has a multi-step vetting process for our Experts, and if we see a fit based on your application, a member of our reviews team will reach out to you to learn more about your background.

If our reviews team has decided to decline your application, unfortunately it is our policy to not send feedback. We will be sure to keep your information on file as we expand the scope of projects on our site.

Instaconsultant is designed for people who have spent many years in management consulting or operating roles and have developed deep functional, geographic or industry expertise in a given area.

To be considered for our network, Experts should have at least two years of professional work experience in management consulting, investment banking, private equity/venture capital, corporate development, accounting, marketing, IT, data science or a related field. Additionally, we look for Experts who have prior work experience at large and reputable consulting firms, bulge bracket investment banks, big 4 accounting firms, leading marketing agencies or Fortune 500 companies.